Auction Sales

You may use the Auction after reaching and completing the 2nd Riding Level or you may buy a special item for players under 20 registered days to have access with both, the Auction and Private Sales. However to purchase the special item in the Black Market, you need to buy at least 2 passes with real money since there is no other way to get the passes unless there is a special event Howrse is hosting.


Auctions is a great place to let people bid to win a horse you entered. You do not know the exact price you will get for your horse so you are taking a big chance. People WITHOUT a Pegasus Account can only have 50,000e starting bid MAX and let the bidders bid away. This can be a good or even a bad thing.


If you have a horse worth 50,000e or less, an auction is a great place to put your horse in and you may even get more then 50,000e depending on the bidders at the current time as some people may even pay 100,000e if the horse is good or have something rare on them like a 5th Element. However, if your horse is worth millions, you can't do much since you can only put your horse's starting bid at 50,000e. You just have to hope bidders bid your asking price. Some may not and you may not get your intended price. So theres a big risk. Although its a big risk for sellers, buyers can take advantage of this idea and bid as low as possible but still winning a valuable horse. Just hope nobody else overbids you.


On the other hand, Pegasus Account owners have an advantage over Non-Pegasus Accounts, they have a higher max starting value, which is 1,000,000 equus instead of 50,000e. Meaning they can start their equus from 500e - 1,000,000e depending on the player. Pegasus Account owners can also have a Pass Bid, meaning they can substitute equus with passes and players can bid with their passes. You will NOT get equus with this method. The max starting price for this is 10 passes and the minimum is 1 pass.



Tips on winning an Auction

  • Do not bid when the horse still have a lot of time, that gives other players a lot of time to overbid you.
  • Bid with only a few seconds left on the clock

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