Account Info

Your account page is like the main headquarters for your whole account. You are able to change/edit information there such as:

  • E-Mail
  • Password
  • Time Zone
  • Newsletter from Howrse
  • Avatar
  • Co-Manangement (Legal Account Sharing)

E-Mails - If you ever change e-mails for some reason, you must change your e-mail on Howrse. This is in case if you ever lose your password, you can simply click "Forgot my password" near the log-in screen to recover your lost password.

Password - You always need a password to log into something personal such as E-Mail accounts or even games that stores information on your account. We suggest you change your password every couple of months so players do not guess your password. A good and strong password contains Letters and Numbers, even symbols. To change your password, go to your Account page, click on "Edit my information" with the feather icon. Find where your password is in astericks ( ******* ) and hit [edit]. Once you hit edit, a pop-up box will appear saying "A link to change your password will be sent to your email address. Do you wish to continue?" Hit yes if you wish to change your password. Follow the directions on the Howrse e-mail and you will be able to change your password


Time Zone - At the top right hand of your screen near the Weather, you will notice 2 set of time. Local time is your current time on where you live, so setting a correct time zone will help. However for some users, they may not be use to a 24-Hour clock. See General Howrse Information by clicking here and read our Time section.


Newsletters - Howrse will send out newsletter to your REAL E-Mail account, the one you use to sign up with or have set up on Howrse currently. They will send out information, such as if you haven't log onto Howrse in a while, they will let you know.


Avatar - On Howrse, an Avatar is like your image on the game or a symbol for you. People can easily recognize who you are by simply looking at your avatar instead of your username. Howrse accepts any type of avatars/pictures such as a picture of you, a horse, any cartoons, or even just a nice looking background with your username on it. However, Howrse do have some rules regarding Avatars: They must be legal pictures, no nude images, no harsh images or violence such as Guns. The images must be an ALL-AGE image for childrens and up to see.

  • Howrse allows these type of formats: GIF, PNG or JPEG format.
  • Must be 120x120 Pixels
  • A Maximum of 40 Kilobytes (KB) in size

Simple click on the Feather icon where it says Edit your information and scroll down about halfway. Find "Your Image" with a Browser button. Find an image you saved and open it up. Then Modify your Avatar. Your avatar will show within a few moments or up to a day. 


Co-Management - Also know as sharing accounts. This is relatively a new feature on howrse that allow players to share accounts legally. In the past year, Howrse has been sanctioning many players who share accounts. The Co-management lets players share accounts by going into the actual account but have limited features. This is so friends can check on another friend's account in case if they go on vacation and such. Remember you do have limited features, you can only do so much on another person's account. You cannot view their private messages and they cannot view your private messages. You are able to check on their Equestrian Center and take care of them or help take care of horses.

Even though some features are disabled, you should still be worried and choose who you want to Co-Manage with. Choose wisely as it's your responsibility and Howrse cannot do anything if anything happens on your account.


To Co-Manage with other players, both parties must give consent that allows you access to each account. If one player allows it and the other doesn't. You will not have access to their account and the vice versus. You can give permission by going to your Account page, Edit your information and scroll down to Share manangement of my Account. Remember the person MUST be on your Friend's list!