General Howrse Info

Weather, Seasons and Temperature:

The seasons are rotated weekly (each season last for 1 week) , Autumn (Fall) last 1 week on the FIRST week of each real month. The second week, which will be the 8th day of each month will be Winter. The third week will be Spring and the Fourth will be Spring. It will continue to rotate after each month ends.

Temperature is something that changes DAILY, which means everyday, a new temperature will replace the previous temperature so if you are taking care of a horse, remember to look at the temperature so you know how to properly bed your horse depending on the temperature (Hot, your horse may sleep in the Meadows. Cold, your horse may sleep in the box)


Time (Greenwich Mean Time & Local Time):

Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) is the main clock the game uses and is the world clock (in real life). Local time is the time where you live, you can set your local time by going to PROFILE -> EDIT MY INFORMATION -> MODIFY in the My Information section. Time is refreshed everytime you update your browser window or whenever you go on a new page. Your horses does NOT use this time when training, horses itself have their own time when training and taking care of.