Passes allow you have to more special features such as going to the Black Market, or buying horses in the Private Sale's. Passes can be earned or bought in many ways.

  • Buy passes with REAL money - Optelo, Zong, Credit Card, Paypal, Zeevex Tokens, or a Paysafe Card. (The prices will vary depending on which system you use and the amount of passes you want to buy.
  • Surveys - You may use Game Coins to complete surveys provided at the time. The passes will vary depending on which survey. Passes may not be given at the point you finish. Some may take 30 minutes and some for a couple of hours. We strongly advise childrens to not do surveys without a Parent or Gaurdian with you.
  • Every 5 Karma, you earn 1 Free Pass
  • On your 50th day, you can buy 1 pass with 20% of your reserve (equus). Then every 30 days after the 50th day. (Hint: Have a trustworthy friend to help you out by you giving them as much money possible in the private sales, then buy your pass. When you buy it, they will give you back the money. See the example at the bottom)
  • Have a good horse sold in the Private Sales for Equus & Passes!
  • Some days, Howrse may give 1 or more free pass for nurmerous reasons. (Example: If they are taking away a Black Market item from the game and you have it in your inventory, they may provide you with 1 or more passes as an exchange.)


Trick for buying passes with your Reserve (equus):

What you will need:

  • 2 Extra Horse you have lying around. 1 for them and 1 for you.
  • A trustworthy friend
  • Able to buy a pass with your reserve

Lets say you have... 1,000,000 Equus on your account, buying a pass with 1,000,000 Equus is A LOT. That is 200,000E for ONE Pass! Why not reduce it, so it only cost maybe 100e or, 200e a Pass? Thats cheap right? Well its better then 200,000e.

So have your trustworthy friend reserve you a horse for about 99.9% of your money. 99.9% of your Equus. 99.9% out of 1,000,000 Equus is 999,000e. Leaving you 1,000e left on your account. 20% of 1,000e is 200e!


The pass will only cost 200 Equus, if you give your friend 99.9% of your reserve! (The cost of the pass will vary depending on your reserve level. Remember, the closer you get to 1 Equus on your account will mean the pass will be cheaper! If you only have 50 equus on your account after doing all the above steps, taking 20% of 50 Equus is only 10 Equus for A PASS! So closer is better.


How to work it out:

20% is the same as 0.20. Just move the decimal 2 places to the left. 20% is the same as 20.00%, just move the decimal or period over 2 places to the left, and you can multiply the new number with your reserve number.


Example: You have 2000 equus in your reserve, multiply that with 0.20.  The new answer is 20% of 2000 Equus! (Answer = 400E)


If you are wondering, what about 99.9% of my reserve? Just do the same process you did with 20%, with common sense, you replace the 20% with the 99.9% or whatever number you want.

99.9% is the same as 0.999

99.9% of 1,000,000 Equus can also be entered in your calculator as 1,000,000 x 0.999. Both will give you the same answer if you did it right.


Good luck! And remember to have a trustworthy friend! They might keep your money leaving you with only a few equus left!