Equestrian Center

The Equestrian Center is just like a Hotel for Humans but in this case, a Hotel for Horses. Horses need a place to sleep in. To perperly take care of a horse, you need to board your horse in an Equestrian Center, they provide a box and/or meadow for your horse to roam around including treats such as carrots.


To own your very own Equestrian Center, you must pass the third riding level. It is free to start and Howrse provides you with enough equus to start off. You may use the equus to buy boxes, seeds, meadows, and also tracks for your Equestrian, which all of them will help your Prestige. An Equestrian Center have its very own Shop, not like the breeding shop. This shop, you may buy ONLY Equestrian equipment for your Equestrian Center ONLY. The EC (shortcut for Equestrian Center) also have its own Black Market, which is called the Secret Market. You may buy special items, which some you cannot buy in the ordinary market.


Equus from the Equestrian Center and Breeding is totally different, meaning your breeding money is seperate from your equestrian center money and will not effect each other.


To read more about the Equestrian Center, we will talk about it more in seperate pages soon!