On Howrse, you may earn Karma. Karma shows your reputation on the game. The higher you have, the better reputation you will have with players and the game. The lower you have, will give you a bad reputation on the game. Meaning if you want to trade with someone, they will least likely trade with you, with low Karma.


  • Every 30 registered days, meaning you logged one at least once a day, Howrse will provide you one (1) FREE Karma Point.
  • You may earn Karma from buying Passes. The first pass you buy will give you 1 FREE Karma. After that, every 10 passes bought will give you another FREE Karma. (1st, 11th, 21st, etc)
  • Each time you sponsored 5 people, meaning when they signed up and put YOUR name as their sponsor, and they earn their first Karma, you will earn one (1) Karma point
  • Donating 1 pass to Mare & Tabea every month will earn you 1 FREE Karma. (Notice: The pass must be bought with real money. Donating more then 1 pass in the same month does not mean more Karma, you will get other random prizes.)

Having high Karma may not only give you a good reputation, but will allow you to have more advantages. Here are some advantages:

  • Every 5 Karma points will give you 1 Free Pass. (5th Karma = 1 Pass, 10th Karma = 1 Pass, etc)
  • Having 3 or more Karma will allow you to access the Private Sales. (If you had 3 Karma and you lost one or more for breaking a rule, your ability to use the Private sale's will be revoked.)
  • Every 2 Karma, you obtain will allow you to have extra Affix(es). 2 Karma = 1, 4 Karma = 2, 6 Karma = 3, etc. Basically take the number of Karma you have currently and divide it by 2, to see how many Affixes you can have.
  • Every 3 Karma, you can have a Breeding Farm to seperate your horses so its more organized. Same like Affixes, 3 Karma = 1 Farm, 6 Karma = 2 Farms, and etc. (Notice: If you have a Pegusas Account, you can have up to 50 Breeding Farms for free)

Losing Karma may be easy to some players or hard to others. Here are some things you can do if you wish to lose Karma for some weird reason(s).

  • All prohibited messages on the forum, by private message or on your page (racism, sexual nature, contrary to morale, etc.),
  • Put images or texts on your page likely to shock a younger audience,
  • If you do not pay the vet on the day your mare gives birth,
  • Win a sale in the auctions without having enough money in your reserve,
  • Reserve an auction for a player (use the private sales for this),
  • Selling a horse for more than 20 passes
  • Cheat in any way whatsoever on the game,
  • If you try to corrupt the sponsorship system with false accounts,
  • Trying to steal other players accounts.